Know more about Anti-decubitus mattresses:

It can happen, in the course of life, to have a loved one who for various reasons finds himself having to spend most of his time in bed. It is typical of very old people for example, but also of those who have undergone major surgery. Staying in a bed for a long time, almost without the possibility of moving, can also have serious indications.

The condition of the patient, precisely because of his state of immobility and prolonged contact with a surface, can be aggravated by body temperature, lack of adequate ventilation and a state of stress due to the difficulty of being able to rest adequately and comfortable. This condition can be remedied with the so-called anti-decubitus mattress which is also called a medical mattress.

The anti-decubitus mattress consists of a real medical device that is effective in cases where the patient is blocked off without the possibility of moving. Pressure sores are those that arise as a result of the continuous rubbing of the skin on the mattress. Generally, the most affected areas are the protruding areas of the body, which rely on them.

Particular pathologies can force patients to bed for a very long time and through the anti-decubitus mattresses, they try to prevent them from decubitus lesions. Those who are subjected to severe movement limitations need to have anti-decubitus mattresses and consequently significantly improve the quality of life.

What are anti-decubitus mattresses?

The anti-decubitus mattress, as said, helps patients to defend themselves from injuries and necrosis that affect the areas where greater pressure is exerted, but what is able to do a medical aid of this type is also to protect it from excessive humidity that is created due to the constraint due, as mentioned, of post-operative periods, accidents, or long-term debilitating pathologies. It is, therefore, fundamental support for the patient, who without it goes through certain traumas caused by the rubbing of the skin.

In addition to preventing and preventing skin wounds, the mattress must still perform its primary function, which is to ensure the correct posture of the spine and, if the patient’s condition allows it, also to facilitate his movements.

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