Optimal sleep promotes health and quality of life

Sleep is a big part of our lives. We need it to gather new energy at night or in short sleep phases. Sleep is therefore closely linked to our health. Too little or bad sleep affects both on short notice and in the long term on our condition.

Healthy sleep increases the quality of life and energy. Those who are well rested have a much better concentration and perform better work. On the other hand, tiredness makes you slower and more negligent. Traffic accidents and other accidents can, therefore, be prevented with a sufficient cap full of sleep.

Being well-rested also reduces the risk of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. If you sleep a little, it increases unintentionally. The body cannot perform its processes overnight. As a result, the hormone blood levels cannot regulate adequately. The result is a feeling of hunger for sweet, salty and starchy. Visit our site and Stop by Bestmattress-brand for more information


Healthy sleep is possible with these 4 things

Healthy sleep depends on many factors. Pay attention to the following conditions and adapt to these conditions:

  • Quality instead of length: Humans sleep about 7 to 9 hours per night. About 8 hours are considered optimal sleep duration. Some need more, some less. Healthy sleep is measured by quality rather than length. An uninterrupted sleep with deep sleep phases is optimal. Also important is the regularity.
  • Balanced nutrition and exercise: A healthy diet is a basis for the proper functioning of the body. Sports or other regular exercise promote the health of the body, heart, and circulation.
  • Snoring, sleep apnea: Do you snore continuously and loudly? Sleep apnea is a major problem for the quality of sleep. The syndrome causes respiratory failure and the sleep of both Snorer and Partner suffers immensely.
  • Preparing to bed: Do not complicate your sleep. High carbohydrate and fatty foods should not be eaten a few hours before sleep. Sufficient drinking during the day prevents urination at night. Physical activity is recommended for exhausting and lowering and a ritual before going to bed. Something soothing music, favorite novel or a bath: relaxation promotes sleep.