Spring or memory? These are the main models for choosing the right mattress:

We will analyze together the main characteristics of the spring mattress, in memory or in latex. When you go to a store, it explains your needs so that the consultant can guide you in choosing the mattress that best suits your characteristics and tastes.

Spring Mattress:

Spring mattresses are divided into traditional springs and independent and pocket springs. The former was used more in past years: these mattresses have steel springs that, joined together, make the mattress more rigid and suitable for supporting greater weights. A traditional spring mattress, to be considered an excellent product, as well as having resistant springs, it also has padding made of quality materials and a thickness such as to isolate the body from direct contact with the springs.

How important is the amount of springs in a mattress?

In mattresses with independent springs, the number of springs is very important for choosing a product, as it also determines the rigidity and reception of the mattress. For those who prefer more support, a mattress with a number of springs between 700 and 1000 is preferable. For those who like a warm welcome, a mattress that has a greater number of springs, usually between 1600 and 3000, is recommended. In conclusion, the higher the number of springs making up the mattress, the greater the reception and comfort that this offers. Find out how to choose the best spring mattress.

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Memory foam mattresses:

When the American space agency decided to make it public, companies immediately decided to make the first mattresses that contained this material. Its characteristics of absorption of weight, its distribution and the adaptability that they had to heat immediately made us think that we could build the definitive mattress.

Sleeping on a memory mattress relieves many types of pain, such as headaches, neck pain, lightens the head and prevents teeth grinding. One of the best features of memory foam mattresses is their sensitivity to temperature. In fact, depending on body temperature and environmental temperature, it changes and adapts its own temperature to provide even greater comfort.